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Genealogy of the Angelo Mucciolo Branch

Angelo, birth name Angiolo, (b August 30, 1841) arrived NY with his wife (married March 24, 1866 in San Giovanni Battista Church) Maddalena Maffeo (b 1847) (age 54 at time if arrival) in 1901 on the SS Liguria from Castel San Lorenzo with children Luiga (age 24) and Antonio (age 17). In the family tradition, Angelo was a tailor to the clergy. 
The parents of Maddalena were Giovanni Maffeo and Maria Martiello.  Angiolo's father and mother were Gabriele Mucciolo, (b 1801) and Rosa Croce, (born 1805).  Gabriele's parents were Saverio (b 1777) and Isabella Prizio. Rosa Croce's parents were Lucido Croce and Grazia Prizio.  Gabrielle and Rosa married in 1829 and their first born was Francesco.  Francesco had a son Emedio (b 1868).
Angelo and Maddalena had seven children (although there may have been another daughter, Katherine, who reportedly moved to South America).  The seven children of Angelo and Maddalena were Gabriele, Francesco, Antonio, Florinda, Rosa, Luiga and Pasquale, all born in Castel San Lorenzo. 

The following information provided by Angelo Mucciolo (born 1953
Pasquale's grandson) in 2010, but does not agree with the above and is not included In the subsequent information covering seven children.
Church records indicate Angelo’s children as nine  as follows:
          1. Teresa 12/27/1866 married Antonio Venturiello June 24, 1890, his mother Rosa Masi (Teresa does not appear on the above list)
          2.  Rosa 1868, married Francesco Peduto 6/3/1894.
          3. Gabriele 8/4/1870 married Stella Venturiello before he came to the USA.
          4. Maria 7/30/1872, married Michele Venturiello 12/10/1893 of parents Giuseppe and Gabriella Capuano. (Maria does not appear on the above list)
           5. Francesco Giovanni 12/26/1874
           6. Giovanni (not on the above list)1876 married Elena Scairato
           7. Luigia 1877
           8. Pasquale 2/28/1882 married Adelina Ametrano of Aquara (nearby village)
           9. Antonio 1884 married Maria DiGiovanni 1910   
This above listing is from the vital records office and church records, plus the archives in Salerno.
Per Angelo Charles Mucciolo (1953), son of Giuseppe Mucciolo (1910-1984), this information on the children of Angelo (1841) is believed to be true and accurate information, from the vital records office and church records that he researched personally. He has in his possession Angelo’s birth record from the archives of Salerno and his marriage certificate. (We assume that perhaps there were some errors back in those days creating this variance in information.)         

A. Gabriele (1870-1926) married Stella Venturiello (died 1936) and had five children. He was a tailor to the clergy. The five children are Madalena, Charles, John, Aniello and Frank.
Madelena (Lena) Gioa Cassetta (1897-1975) was married first to Leonardo Gioa (son of Costanza & Gaspera Gioa) with whom she had one child (Anna); then to John Cassetta (no children). With John, she owned and operated Sharon Gardens, a training camp for fighters during the Depression.  She also raised an abandoned child (Henry Moresco) who was one of eight children of Lena's gardner whose wife died.
  • Anna Gioa Carbo Difrummalo (1916 - 1996) was married twice, first to Gaetano Charles Carbo, then to John “Cal” Difrummalo. With Gaetano Charles Carbo she had one child, Madelin Marie Carbo (b 1944) who married John Walker and has three children:  John Albert Walker III (b 1965) who married Jennifer Shire (separated) no children; Charles Gaetano Walker MD (b 1966) married Jennifer Lomp (divorced) and has four children-- Hailley Victoria (b 1991), Brendon Charles (b 1993), Danielle Anna (b 1995) and Shawna Lucy (b 1999); and Ana Walker who married Andrew Parry and has two children; Cassandra Lynn (b 2003) and Cameron John (b 2004).
  • Henry Moresco  (d 2005) was a child of Madalena’s gardner whose wife died leaving him with eight children.  Madalena unofficially adopted and raised Henry.  He was a WWII veteran, wounded in action. 
Charles Angelo, (1898 – 1978) married Filomena (Minnie) Mungo (d 1975) in the 1920’s and had five children; Charles Gabriel, Stella, Vincent, Donald and Gerald. In the family tradition, he was a Tailor.
  • Charles Gabriel (Billy)  (1922-1985) married Kula Rea Neece and had two children--Greta Ann who died at birth in 1961, and Charles Gregory, who married twice, Kristi Lynn Brown and Diana Lynn Conrad.  With Kristi he has one child, Heather, who married Richard Kyle Toby in 2009 and lives in Wichita Falls, Texas.
  • Stella (d 1977) married David Marsilia (d 1974) and had two daughters—Christine who is divorced , lives in Oregon and has one daughter, Kim; and Stephanie Hettinger who is separated and has two daughters, Jillian and Sara and lives in White Plains, NY.
  • Vincent (d 1972) married Josephine Adamo and had two children--James who has two sons and a daughter, and Dina who died in the 1990’s and had a daughter.
  • Donald (1934 - 2011) married Christine and has three children--Timothy who died in 1994 of cystic fibrosis, Leah Blackburn who has two children, and Erin Mann who married Ashley Thomas Mann and has two children, Racheal and Emily.
  • Gerald (b 1939) married Angelina (Gina) Simonelli (1937-2008) has three children--Jeffrey William (b 1965) married Helen Edwards (b 1965) and has two children, Gabriele (Gabby) (b 1996), and Julianna (b 2003).  Kathy Ann (b 1968) married Nestor Savas.  Laurie Ann (b 1974).
John Aniello (1901 - 1982) married Frances Siriani (1903 - 1990) daughter of Theresa Baratta Siriani and Anthony Siriani, and had four children; Gabriele, Albert, John and Richard.
  • Gabriele died at age 2 of congestive heart failure. 
  • Albert died at age 24 in an auto accident (1925-1950) was a WWII Naval veteran, never married.
  • John (b 1929) never married.
  • Richard born in NYC (b 1935) married in 1957 to Ethel “Chris” Alessi (b 1937), daughter of Elena DeTorres Alessi (1910 to 2001) and Colagero Charles Alessi (d 1988) and has two daughters, Victoria and Deborah.  The family has lived in NY, Norwalk CT, Plainview, Yonkers and Scarsdale NY, and currently in Palm Harbor FL.  Victoria born in NYC (b 1960) married Robert Harmonay in 1983 and has two daughters, Tegan (b 1990) and Cassandra (b 1993) and lives in Westchester, NY; and Deborah born in NYC (b 1962) now living in Florida. 
Aniello (d 1964) married Linda (Kitty) Bevilaqua (d 1990) and has two daughters, Doris and Linda.
  • Doris (b 1933) married Frederick “Skip” Parker Banyard (b 1933) in 1956, lived in Yonkers and Scarsdale NY, Bethlehem PA and currently Savannah GA, and has three children, Linda, Leslie and Johnathan who live in Minnesota with their families. Linda (b 1957) married Allen Higginbotham (1955-2008) and has two daughters, Claire Fox (b 1990) and Julia Marie (b 1985) who married Brian Engel in 2009; Leslie married Nancy Nealon and has two sons, Leslie Jr. (Skip) and Kyle; and Jonathan married Kim Brackett and has 2 children, Jennifer and Parker. 
  • Linda (b 1940) married Kenneth Smith and had one son Gregory Neil who is married to Kathy Aiello, has no children, and lives in NJ.  Linda remarried Richard Govan Sr. and had another son Richard who married Suzanne Cerbo, lives in PA and has two daughters, Lauren and Marissa.  Linda is remarried to Toufik Serbouti.
Frank (1911-1946) married about a year to Mary in Boston before he died. No children. He was a Chef.

B. Francesco (b 1874) had 8 children of which only two are known, Angelo and Madeline.

C. Antonio (1888-1938) married Maria DiGiovani (1895-1931) and had seven children; Madaline, Florence, Katherine, Tessie, Angelo, Peter, and Rose.
  • Madaline (1912-2003) married Anthony Sidito and had three children--Joseph Sidito, (b 1939) married Marian Irizarry (b 1941) and had three sons—Joseph, Anthony, and Robert;  Mary Ann (1949-2006) married George Vitti and had two children, Christopher (b 1975) married to Karrie Ann Giglieta, and Kim Ann (b 1970) married to Victor Voncina; and Anthony married Lucy Medoro (b 1945) and had two sons, Anthony (b 1968) and Michael (b 1973).
  • Florence (Flora) married Frank Bova and has two children—Dominic and June and two children from a second marriage, Krisin and Tara.
  • Katherine (Katie) married Philip LaBella.
  • Tessie (1915-1943) married Salvatore DeMilito (1907-1966).
  • Angelo (died 1982).
  • Pietro (Peter) Anthony (b 1930) married Margaret (Dolly) and had five children--Linda, (b 1952) married to Steve Ascudo; Donna (b 1954) married to Michael Mason, Jeannette (born 1956) married to Einar Brissing, Peter Anthony Jr, (b 1960) married to Patricia, and Kathrine (Kathy) (b 1963) who has two children, Emily and Michael.
  • Rose who may have had one or two sons.
D. Florinda (b 1868, twin of Rosa) had one son.

E. Rosa (b 1868, twin of Florinda) had one son.

F. Luiga born about 1877 had six children.

G. Pasquale, (1882-1955) arrived in the US in 1905, and later that year married Adelina Ametrano (1885-1970) who had arrived in 1902, and together they had nine children:
  • Angelo Charles(1906-1983) married Louisa Cioli (d 1988) and had one adopted son, Louis.
  • Giovanni (John) (1907-1985) married Lilliana (Lilly) and had three children -- Charles (Charlie Boy), stage name Chuck Morro (d 2006) was married to Philomena Trerotola in 1957, had one son Charles Anthony in 1958. Charles Anthony married Angela Budano in 1982 and has two children, Francesca Natale (b 1984) and Anthony Joseph (b 1987).  Pasquale (Patty Boy) (d 2005) had three sons, John, (died 2009), Lou and Nicholas.  John married Liz and they have a son, Pasquale.  Giovanni (Johnny Boy) (d 2008) married Connie and has four children, Caroline, Joanne, Diane and John. Caroline married Scott Robert Cohen (divorced 1987) and had one son Bradley Steven Cohen who married Carolyn Hearing. Joanne married Robert Accardi and has two children, Thomas Joseph (TJ) and Jennifer. TJ married Ashley Bowman and has two children Taliah and Gianna. John married Claudia Boehm (from Germany) (now divorced) and they had Julian, Nicole, adopted Sasha and Peter and have a grandson Giovanni. Diane married Ross Taylor and has two sons, Lee and Jacob.
  • Maddalena (1909-1980) married Clifford Edwards.
  • Giuseppe (Joseph) Charles (1910-1984) born in NYC, married Helen Picket (1929-1997) and had six children with her, and one child Adelina (b 1978) from a second marriage to Patty. The children from Helen are 1) Anthony Joseph, 2) Joseph Charles, 3) Angelo Charles, 4) Arthur Michael, 5) Florinda Louise and 6) John Anthony.  (1) Anthony Joseph born 1947, married Theresa Smythe and had one daughter, Theresa Maria who has four children, David (b 1987), Maria (b 1995), Rosalie (b 2003), and  Timothy, Jr (b 2005).  Anthony Joseph remarried Sandra Derby and had seven children--Christine Nicole (b 1980) who married John Quattrone and has two children, Joshua and Crystal; Sherri Ann (b 1981) has two children David and Alana; Jeannie Nicole (b 1983) (twin of Toni Anne) married A. D. Brenenstuhl and has three daughters, Shania, Mickalena and Jeanna; Toni Anne (b 1983) (twin of Jeannie Nicole) married Michael Quap and has two sons, Anthony Joseph and Michael; Joseph Anthony (b 1984); Angel Nicole (1986-2005); and Michael Anthony (b 1989).  (2) Joseph Charles Jr. (1950-2003) has three children - Anthony, Stephanie and Angelina.  (3) Angelo Charles (b 1953), married Donna Miller and had two sons, Angelo "Mickey" Jr. and Michael. Second marriage to Denise (b 1952), has one son Jonathan (b 1995).  (4) Arthur (Arty) Michael (b 1954) married Cheryl McClure in 1971, has three daughters, Florinda (b 1972), Michelle (b 1978), and Alicia (b 1982). Florinda married Christopher Hancock and has three children, Laura Dimaio (b 1993), Cherylann (b 1995), and Micheal Fusco (b 1996).  (5) Florinda Louise (b 1958) married Michael Paul Boyer has three children-- Virginia Lynne (b 1982), Amanda Jeanne (b 1984) and Michael Paul (b 1986). Virginia married Michael Elkins in 2005 and had one son Joseph Roy (3/24/08-5/12/08). Amanda Jeanne married Aaron Glanzberg and had one daughter Hannah Marie in 2008.  (6) John (Johnny) Anthony (b 1966) and Norma Jean Crisp (b 1966) have three children - Amber Nicole (b 1988), Angelique Christina (b 1989), and John Anthony 2nd (b 1990).
  • Gabriel (Billy) (1912-2005) born in NYC, married Anna Maria Romano and had two children, Barbara and William (or Gabriel) (Billy).
  • Florinda (Flora) (1914-1997) never married.
  • Attilio (Arthur) (1916-1990) born NYC, married Maria (Mary) Mottola (1916-1998) in 1936 and had four children--Pasquale (1938-2008) married Joan “Chickie” Milo and has two children, Arthur born 1961 and JoAnne born 1964; Arthur Jr. (1943-1977) married Rosanne Carucci and has three children, Marianne born 1965, Denise born 1969, and Ronald born 1971; Nicholas (1947-1980); and Adeline (Adele) born 1953 married Anthony Gagliardo and has two children, Stephen born 1984 and Marc born 1988.
  • Pasqualino (1918-1920) died as a child.
  • Pasquale Federico Jr (1921-1999) married to Pasqualina (Lena) and had three sons--Leonard, (b 1947) married Linda DiMedio and has two daughters, Lauren (b 1980) and Marissa (b 1983); Richard (b 1951) married Debbie Terribile and has two children, Jamie (b 1979) and Janine (b 1981);  Thomas (b 1954) married Joan Maselli and has one child, Peter (b 1987).